Land Title Registration Procedure

  1. Conduct a search
  2. Survey the site to pick up data; if the land is in Accra
  3. Obtain a bar coded site plan either from a private land surveyor in good standing or PVLMD of the lands commission.
  4. Attach the bar coded site plan to 4 original copies of an indenture and present It at lands commission
  5. Pay stamp duty and presentation fees
    • Deed of Assignment-1% of value of land based on a valuation report
    • Conveyance
    • Sublease
    • Lease- 1% of the annual rent based on a valuation

NB: Valuation report can be done by a private valuer in good standing or the valuation division of the lands commission

  1. Lodge document together with bar coded site plan and make payment
    • A search will be conducted at the various levels departments of the commission
    • After the search, a survey letter will be issued to the survey department for plotting which usually takes 3 weeks
    • After the plotting the document moves for digital printing
    • Then signing
    • Then the plan will be submitted at CSAU for publication and search
    • Twenty One (21) days after the publication if no one claims the land, and then the document is sent for approval.
    • Then for collection